Mayores sin Cáncer

What is it?

Cancer is disease that increases in frequency with increasing age. 60% of cancers occur in people 65 years or older, but society is not sufficiently concienciada about it, thinking that affects a younger population. Although we must also comment that due to the high current life expectancy, people have many more years of scope for further healthy practices that can reduce the risk of cancer or diagnose it early.


In order to detect cancer early, it is important to take certain precautions; for example:

  1. For women over 65 years have a mammogram every 2 or 3 years.
  2. Also for women over 65 years: to become a regular gynecological examination.
  3. For both sexes, be reviewing the intestine: especially those with a family history of colon cancer.
  4. For men, recommend the analysis of PSA, a substance that allows early diagnosis of prostate cancer.
  5. The cancer is curable if diagnosed in time and therefore need close monitoring.


The FEFOC foundation has developed a specific code for older people:

  1. No smoking, to prevent various cancers, not to disturb those who live with us, for better breathing capacity and to avoid giving bad example to grandchildren.
  2. Control weight, because obese have a higher risk of cancer and for the same reason it is important to exercise daily, within the possibilities of each.
  3. Basing food in the Mediterranean diet, low in fat of animal origin.
  4. No excessive drinking.
  5. Prudencia the sun, fleeing the midday hours.

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