European Code Against Cancer

Código europeo Cáncer

What is and what is it?
Adopt healthier life styles, improve general health issues and avoid many deaths from cancer:
1. Do not smoke; if you smoke, quit. But if you can not, do not smoke in front of nonsmokers.
2. Avoid obesity.
3. Every day do vigorous exercise.
4. Increase your daily intake and variety of vegetables and fruits. Eat them at least five times a day. Limit intake of foods containing animal fats.
5. If you drink alcohol, whether beer, wine or spirits, moderate use.
6. Avoid excessive sun exposure, especially in adolescents and children.
7. Strictly enforce sanitary regulations and safety instructions and aimed at preventing any exposure to substances known to cause cancer.
There are public health programs that could prevent cancers developing or increase the probability that a cancer can be cured.
8. From age 25 women should participate in accredited early diagnosis of cervical cancer programs.
9. From age 50, women should participate in public programs for early diagnosis of breast cancer.
10. Men and women over 50 years should participate in programs for early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
11. Participate in vaccination programs against infection by the hepatitis B virus to prevent liver cancer.