The funds needed to act arising from the contribution of Trustees, its management, and the relationship with private foundations and companies interested in supporting the development of the objectives of FEFOC.

How can you participate in the project FEFOC

The FEFOC is a private foundation, a non-profit organization that is financed by contributions from their employers, protecting people and sponsors, the donations came, legacies, etc. The FEFOC allocates these contributions to the fulfillment of their activities undertaken to educate, prevent, support and cure cancer, took part in the fight against this disease and its consequences not only in appearance but also in medical and scientific social.

If you want to join the FEFOC why believe in this project and that this action is necessary and helps many people can become a member as a protector and make a contribution only once or periodically € 18 30 € 60 € or other amount you want to contribute by sending your donation directly via the location or by providing bank account 2100-1358-1002-00162226 (La Caixa).

These contributions can make them in memory or honor of someone. If you wish, the FEFOC be directed to them or their families expressing their gratitude. As a member of the FEFOC receive, free of charge, the news weekly FEFOC published on our website, access to the phone FEFOC help where you can get help and answers to their questions and Guides Information for patients we serve.

Other ways to help
The FEFOC has conducted auctions of paintings donated by renowned artists for free. You can give us a box, work so that we have a certain amount of paintings, drawings, sculptures and … we can make a new exhibition that provides funds to the foundation. Also do an auction of Barbie dolls, dressed by top Spanish designers with the indispensable support of Mattel. Perhaps you can think you have facilitated or similar activities that could make FEFOC.

There are groups that organize collections in the workplace to achieve specific goals FEFOC.

You can also think of the future and leave a legacy FEFOC in his will.

Consult with your tax advisor, his lawyer or FEFOC on the best way to contribute.
Their contributions may be tax benefits.

For more information please contact FEFOC telephone 93 217 21 82 or by email at