In November 2010 FEFOC inaugurated in Terrassa (Barcelona) the EIO (International School of Oncology) in order to give structure to its educational branch. Our motto is: “the other side of cancer.”

However our school is not a traditional teaching space, although of course it has no place in our organization, but we have based on Friedrich Nietzsche when he says:

“Better School could not have another purpose than to take the right path, with authority and rigor … are so many truths to be said ….”

So our goal is to develop a cancer FUNDAMENTAL teaching based on ethics and focused on oncological problems not resueltos.como

  •  Problems cancer survivors: so far we have published a monograph on Lymphedema discriminated groups and Cancer.
  • Elderly and Cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Our core values: based on scientific evidence Teaching.

Independent judgment, although it may mean a loss. Always focused on the problems affecting people treated for cancer and other major issues.

Our logo has been designed by David Martin and includes our initials into vowels, as a symbol of learning.


logo aeiou