November, Movember, Prostate Cancer

During November an admirable and extraordinary event takes place: the triumph of philanthropy in a generally not very present theme, the health of man and, in what affects FEFOC, in a special way, prostate cancer. We are obviously referring to Movember, the philanthropic movement born in Australia Let us remember a little the historical background of this movement. In 2003, two friends, Travis Garone and Luke Slaterry talked about the possibility of making the use of the mustache come back, very frequent years ago and very little nowadays. The mother of one of them was looking for funds to support breast cancer patients and then they decided to do something similar, but especially in prostate cancer. In this regard, they designed the first rules of a movement called Movember. And they designed their logo. They talked to several friends and quickly found 30 willing to collaborate. All were allowed to grow mustaches. Faced with such success, in 2004 they formalized the new organization and created their own online page. A colleague, Justin Coghlan was in charge of spreading the project. The movement became big and spread internationally. FEFOC was, in 2007, one of the movement’s partners. Today, Movember is known worldwide and is a model of philanthropy. FEFOC greets Movember, congratulates them on their initiative and recommends Spanish men to remember that November is the month of Movember, the world organization that fights more for the health of man. FEFOC participates in the fight against prostate cancer, with our online page (, our support groups, our materials, our consultations, etc. But today, this month, is the Movember, wonderful people to whom, as always, we wish the greatest success, for the good of all men.

Professor Jordi. Estapé

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